Re: [WinMac] New G3s keyboards

Chick Foxgrover(cfoxgrover[at]
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 15:08:33 -0500

We have only one Yosemite but have not experienced any different behavior
in our ADB keyboard.
>>From: Jason Sellers <>
>> One issue with the new G3's and ADB keyboards (from
>> "Apparently, Yosemite's ADB is a bit of an afterthought (as mentioned
>> several weeks ago, Apple considers this a device for Colorsync
>> compatibility and little else). As a result, Yosemite users have noticed a
>> slight lag in keying with an ADB keyboard. Although this does not seem to
>> noticeably lag a mouse, it prevents normal use of an ADB keyboard for most."
>Here's the second paragraph that Jason omitted:
>"There may be a way to get around this, but if there is, it has not been
>discovered as yet. Thus, USB peripherals are strongly recommended for
>Yosemite; with Adesso and Macally delivering top-notch USB keyboards for the
>Mac, and countless companies offering professional-level USB mice, most
>users will prefer to take those options rather than deal with the laggy ADB
>performance on Yose."
>Those third-party peripherals are less expensive than Apple's and carry
>better warranties.
>Just trying to prevent another round of Apple bashing. For the record, I'm
>going to suck it up and purchase one of those USB peripherals when I order
>my new Yosemite 400. I hate the iMac keyboard and mouse.
>Darron Spohn
>Publications Manager
>ClickNet Software Corporation

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